“Drop your box here and open it for a search.” After so much confusion to where the keys to my box was, I finally found it and and opened the box for a search. The security officer didn’t have mercy on it though. She searched my things thoroughly. Everything, every single thing I packed strewed on the floor. God! This was my life! This was my life for the next three weeks. I am now going to associate with the Typical Nigerian Individual! The money thirsty ones, the ones that occupy “mere positions” but by all means must exercise their powers; wether you’re comfortable with it or not. A tear dropped. Lord knows I just couldn’t.

Dragging my bag through the lane with utter strut while crying deep down in my heart I knew I had set myself up for frustration. So I thought again. “Hello, welcome to NYSC ORIENTATION CAMP, NONAWA-GBAM TAI. FOR THE FIRST PART OF YOUR REGISTRATION, YOU ARE GOING TO GO OVER TO THE PAVILION AND DO THE COVID-19 TEST”……The official pointed over to the pavilion.

I took the test. I took the “dreaded” test everybody was fussing up and down about. People always want to drag attention to themselves using the barest minimum that can originally be overlooked. Trust humans not to show hesitation when it comes to “drama”.

My medical fitness check was next. God! Dragging my box and other items through the field to the pavilion was a whole lot of stress. I just wanted to get this done and over with. I sat in the bus for almost four hours, my box and i had a minor accident on the express. It was only right that I get rest.

While sitting and waiting patiently to get my test over and done with, I sighted this girl. Outspoken and beautiful. By all means I was going to speak to her. I wanted to speak to her but then again, introverts will be introverts. Done with my COVID test, I was ready to move on to the next stage. I didn’t want the rest of my day to be conflicted. I wanted to do registrations and get settled almost immediately so I walked down to the medical center which was just opposite the pavilion. After waiting for minutes which seemed like hours, I was done with it. The next process was to get a bed space which was done almost immediately.

Now this was where total confusion set in. How do I drag my bed and box at the same time? Infact! How do I go to the pavilion and drag my box and then go to the place I am supposed to get my bed? Sick! Sick! Sick!

“Are you going to get your bed?” Remember the girl I admired? Yea. She spoke to me. Elated but no sign of it physically. “Yes I am. Are you going there too.”……I asked and she nodded in confirmation. “Don’t you want me to wait for you?”……she looked so nice and seemed so nice even with the stress of everything. “Aaaahhhhhhh, please wait for me ooo, let me go and get my box over there”……and then I raced immediately to the pavilion.

Stay Tuned for the next episode.

Love, Koco💕


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