Love, Koco.

It’s been such a long time guys. It’s 5:39am and I am wondering why I haven’t published in months. I have missed communicating and I hope you’ve missed it too.

5:48am and I am sitting and thinking how my day will be. I need some fun in my life. My days are bare with a sprinkle of weariness but somehow, i enjoy it. I enjoy being in my own quiet space with not so much loudness and conversations. I have even picked up the habit of conversing with myself. Be sure to have conversations with yourself. It sets you back to reality.

I love God. I really love God. My personal prayers are different from the usual. You know the thing they make you recite in primary school about prayer? “PRAYER MEANS TALKING TO GOD”, well that has stuck like a glue in my heart since forever. I love it. I love how I am not so conscious of the things I say to him when we speak. I love how unique my conversations with him are and I do not follow a particular pattern. I love it; except for the fact that I am a lazy Christian.

There is this yearning to be in his presence, to be consistent in my dealings with his word, to surpass the surface mode. I want all of this for myself and even more. Intimacy.

Some of us remember to go to his presence when we lack or when we search for material satisfactions. We always want to take and take from him. When we seek to make ourselves happy, it brings discontent. When we seem to make God happy, it brings excitement.

From a lazy Christian to another, let’s be intentional about our spirituality. Life happens and we hardly give God a second thought which is not intentional but let’s practice thinking about God more. Imagine conversing with God about each situation everyday: “God, I give you thanks”, “God thank you for your blessings” or “Lord, I need your help”.”

Let’s remember to use our daily worries as blessing as a trigger for talking to God. When you’re happy or worried, think about God and you will start to notice the laziness melting away. This is for me too.

Thank you for reading.

Love, Koco💕


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