Hello there! Calvary Greetings.

Haha haha!!!, Don’t mind me. I am just really excited to be on this after such a long time. I mean, being on my blog again, writing.

How is your day going though? There’s a slight change in weather over here and i am almost exhausted from today’s activities. I want to sleep but I need to do this. Communicate.

I have been unproductive for a couple of months now. Unproductive and clueless at the same time. A bad combo. Monday mornings are always a wreck for me. For me, it’s difficult getting through a Monday morning without my thoughts looking like a hot mess. Infact, there’s something about Mondays that makes you rethink your whole life on a mind slide. This is a constant occurrence.

Like I said, I have been unproductive and clueless for a couple of months now. Clueless as to which career path I am supposed to take and what my life is supposed to look like at this time; but I think what I get clueless about the most is my career path. My dad in most of our conversations would always say that I should try as much as possible to not coerce myself about anything. “Do not pressure yourself to do or become anything. Pray and let God work.”

I pray and trust God to do his work but how is it possible that I lay relaxed, unbothered and expect manna to fall from heaven? I want to pressure myself. That switch is on constantly. There is a constant reminder that I haven’t gotten to where I want to be yet. I haven’t even prepared my ladder to reach the stars. Me perpetually being disturbed and discomfited with where I am today is my push for a promising future.

Two weeks ago, a conversation came up and I got reminded again of my mediocre attitude towards my career path. Whilst the conversation happened, I caught onto the fact that you can never be too late for the plans God has for you. All you just really need to do is ask, trust God and work. I came back home, had several conversations with my dad and set to work.

Although, I still do not have my career path completely figured out, I know what I want and who I want to be in the next five years. Currently, I am searching for online courses on script writing and studying it from google search engine and at the same time, speaking to people about media houses and where I fit in.

I wish you a fabulous time till I write again.

Love, Koco💕.


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