The Media and my Thoughts.

Everyday, life unravels new levels of opinions and experiences by other people. As the days goes by, we relinquish new episodes of stories from diverse individuals. The media has made it way easy for us to access the diversity in stories, opinions,and thoughts.

Before the controversial time of the Media arose, there was sort of Normalcy in the world. People did things without first seeking for validation or opinions, privacy was the imprint, love was in existence without judgments, “the sun was the sun and the moon was the moon”. Life was simple and less complicated basically; subtracting monetary struggles.

Now Life, Life is a lot more complicated. And then, there’s the media! Invading solitude and self opinions. Everybody wants to be seen and heard even with the platform of Negativity. Although, there has been positive effects from the Media especially Social Media as regards human living but that isn’t my bone of contention as regards today’s post. As there are pros to everything, so exists cons too. The “Cons” is my motif today.

I was scrolling through Twitter the other day, and there was a graphic post of a chubby girl expressing herself happily and letting the whole world know how much she has chosen to be comfortable in her skin and weight. As usual, I checked the comments and I saw so much cynicism from people as regards this beautiful girl who chose to tell the world she is cocksure about her body and color.

In another scene, I was doing my usual surfing and I came across another story. This time, it was a man sharing his story about the encounter he had with a rapist. I looked at the comments and all I saw were unsympathetic extreme feminists who have refused to heal from their past hurts opposing his narratives and telling him that he deserved every bit of what he got because he is a man. Also pushing the narrative “#MENARESCUM”

People for some sort of reasons infer pleasure in hiding behind their keypads with the aim of taunting other people’s self confidence and dignity and I can say for a fact that this is one of the leading causes of depression and suicide. Friends have turned foes, families in line have put out their dirty linen for the world to see. Even now, theirs’ sort of a different portraiture to love and relationships. Antagonistic Portraiture.

The world has become Controversial. Simplicity is now in extinct. There’s now a race for popularity and wealth that most of us seem to have forgotten the power to give value to “Little Things”.

We can do Better.

There’s a need for us to embrace simplicity and lessen all the negative energy. Let’s go back to the days of our pedigrees and unravel whatever it is that birthed positivity. We can do better.

Love, Koco💞

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