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The most difficult time to be in a relationship as a guy is in your early twenties. The period when you’re stuck in your limbo, trying to figure out yourself and who you want to be. At this age, you find an herculean task asking money from your parents, considering your dad will always remind you of how he was self sufficient at your age. So you are left with anything that comes from them willingly.

To compound your “woes”, you have a girlfriend whom you love so much, you are 24 and she is 23. And guys being wired to take control, you are frustrated at your inability to take of her like you want to. I mean, where is the money? You are still finding your feet, still hustling.

Still putting hands into many things hoping that God smiles on you. All of a sudden, she starts acting out and showing attitude. You call her and she takes forever to pick up or return your calls. When she finally picks the call, it’s like an interview session with those annoying and frustrating one word replies.

Yes. No. Fine. Nothing. Okay.

Then she finally ends the call with a flimsy excuse like “wait let me drop my spoon, I will call you back”. And the call never comes back. Then one day she asks you, “where is this relationship heading to?” You don’t even know where your life is heading to talk more of your relationship. Then she drops the bombshell. Tells you that she met a guy who wants to marry her and how age is no longer on her side and you are compelled to scream “You are just 23.” Can’t you wait 3 more years let me make it?

You just hold yourself and play the good guy. You ask if she loves him, she dodges the question and says “He treats me well”

Well, she wasn’t informing you to take permission, she was simply telling you. You have to be the good guy and wish her well. One week later, she gives you the traditional wedding card and then you do the math yourself. She was talking to the guy a long time before now. Then you realize you’ve been played. For every “K” you get on WhatsApp, another guy was getting a long epistle. Worse is you can’t blame her. In footballing terms, you are Anthony Martial(Prospect) while the guy is Messi(has made it already). No comparison there.

And then you go through the silent heartbreaks guys go through. The ones they don’t talk about. Your heart is broken into smithereens. Can life be more unfair at this moment?

4 years later!

You are 28 now. Congratulations, you’ve finally made it. You are rich as you hoped you will become. You are one of the happening guys in town. You go to a wedding with your friends. Men on suit. Those guys that intimidate everybody in the hall. You are seated, scouting the hall and the bridal train passes by. Of course, the bridal train and asoebi ladies always show themselves. That’s the part of the Job description.

Sampling. And you spot one. She is beautiful, elegant and tall. You walk up to her, exchange numbers and you leave.

She is 24. Ripe for marriage.

Three months later, you are sounding marriage to her ears. She loves how it sounds. And somewhere else, a 25 years old guy is asking why the girlfriend is becoming so distant these days. Why is he getting one replies which is unlike her? And fast fast, you have proposed and simultaneously, she is asking the 25 years old boy that quest of “where is this relationship heading to?” And then, you marry her and somewhere, a guy gets heart broken.

The cycle goes on. #IronyofLife

Koco: Shoutout to every Man out there trying to make a living and a name. As much as y’all have become less appreciated often, I want you to know that I see your efforts and I appreciate them wholesomely.

Love, Koco💞

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