I will always continue to appreciate y’all for the massive love, support and kind words that you exalt me with. I have never failed to concede them.

Most of us tend to limit ourselves on procuring access to the kind of powers we possess. We sit and sulk in our misery; yearning for the things we want, our desires and expectations. We become defeatists when we succumb to the our fails, mistakes and weaknesses. We fail to realize that the power to change our narratives is just in our hands.

“As life plays out, we feel that events occur through one lens, but the truth is that we can view the events from an infinite number of angles…….Just like the photographer”

The human mind involuntarily takes in the experiences of others both the bad and the ugly and automatically fixes it into our narratives. That is when our optimism dies.

An imagery? I have a job interview tomorrow but Laide my friend is sitting with me and telling me of her interview experiences. She tells me that the company’s manager interviewing her asks her difficult questions and at the end of the day, she fails all the questions. I consciously take in her experiences and start to ponder on my failure in advance. I have automatically forgotten the power I have to change the narrative.

“The meanings you find, and the stories you hear, will have an impact on how optimistic you are; it’s how we evolved…If you do not know how to draw positive meaning from what happens in life, the neural pathways you need to appreciate good news will never fire up…”

If we rivet on such stories and see them from fresh curvatures, we can find new or more ways of demarcating ourselves as well as the the things and events that surrounds us. We need to start seeing meanings in our situation later. We can automatically change those negativity, challenges and experiences to work for our good. That’s the power of changing your Narratives.

How do we Tailor our Narratives?

First step is to Dodge the Denial. Accept your mistakes and the experiences that broke you. Be grateful for the lessons that those experiences taught you. Be grateful for the journey

Second step. I saw this on a blog. Retell your story in multiple ways. Retell your story as the victim. Retell it without blaming your past, your actions, your choices or anybody. This forces a new kind of perspective.

Finally, Alter your Story. You should now realize that the power to rewrite your story from the perspective you choose to is in your hands. Never forget that.

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Love, Koco💞

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