Sip Tea with me?

Thank you all for keeping up with my lackluster attitude as to posting a new blog post every week. I’ll try as much as I can to work on this bad habit.

Life isn’t easy you know? We make plans, we make choices, we choose to be a particular kind of person and choose not to entertain certain kinds of energy. We think that we are almost at the peak of happiness then Life Happens! We think we’ve gotten it figured out (life) and then, the nut becomes a lot harder to crack.

Sometimes, we just want to be it! We want to learn, we want to grow, we want to conquer, we want to make mountains out of molehills. We have plans. We have dreams; it becomes a lot beautiful when our dreams start to feel surreal. We are on the ladder almost reaching for the stars and then, just before we are about to touch the stars; BOOM!!! Everything crushes to the bottom.

It use to be beautiful when we were kids. The world use to be a blue-ribbon. Love conquered, smiles healed and the moon at nights were beautiful. I mean, the skies were darn blue and pretty; sunsets were amazing to watch. One evening, as a young girl that I was, I remember tuning to the beautiful sunset outside of my window. I had just finished reading Chimamanda Adichie’s “Purple Hibiscus”; I had the imagery of the life and Environment of The Achikes. Although, their life was highly manipulated by Eugene Achike, everything else was beautiful. I wanted the life of Kambili; to experience how peaceful nature was; how safe Mother Earth protected its children.

Sitting in my room watching the sunset, I started to imagine what it would be like to be in the future, I started to feel chuffed about the world growing into the kind I conceived in my fantasies.


Now the world is no longer spherical. Life no longer allows to dream. Our desire to chase our visions has turned to dust and reality has become a nightmare.

I pray we relinquish our desires to pause on our chase to the stars. I pray that we continue to thrive and win at the end. I pray that as the lord tarries, our purpose will be fulfilled.


Love, Koco💕

2 thoughts on “Sip Tea with me?

  1. In plain English, this adulthood isn’t so fun after all. I wrote yesterday that I miss my innocence. Honestly, it was easier when I was a child. Things were much easier and much better then.

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