A night at my balcony

It is 7:26pm and there’s no better time to enjoy Gods gift of cool air.

I have nothing to write about per say but for sure as digress with the sensational night air, I’ll figure something out.

7:36pm. It’s coming!

I think humans basically have problems with communication. Personal Rapport.

Communication revolves in all aspects of life but my main concern today will be Relationships and Communication.

Basically people confuse Communication with Conversations. What most of fail to understand is that there’s a lot of contrast between Communication and Conversations.

In layman’s term, Conversation is a mere interaction between two individuals. Communication is conveying thoughts and words with sentiments into meaningful actions.

Lack of communication ruins everything because instead of knowing how the other person feels, we just assume.

What does your partner need?

There are different things humans needs. Once you discover what your partner needs, you will know how to communicate better in a way that satisfies and fulfills them.

1. Certainty

2. Significance

3. Connection and Love.

4. Growth.

Too often, we say “I love you” in order to settle differences, dispatch quarrels and arguments without showing “Real tangible love”. Everyday, wittingly or consciously show your partner how much you appreciate and love them.

Listen!! Communication isn’t about talking. Both parties have to be active listeners. Listen to what your partner has to say rather than being super defensive or manipulative. If you have problems, say it! Don’t make little comments or chip in small talks. They are silly and immature.

“Talk things through before they actually happen”. This is an excerpt I took from a blog I read few days ago.

“Babe, I am sorry I’ll be all over the place for the next two weeks” That way, she knows whatever is happening isn’t her fault or his fault and him/her refer back to when you’re feeling stressed. Choose the perfect timing to talk about things. Do not communicate with your partner when you’re in a hurry or when he is in a hurry. Do not be petty about the timing. You’ll know the perfect timing.

Compliment each other!

Take your time to compliment each other. When you get too comfortable with yourselves, you tend to easily bring up the problems that bothers you. Point out what you appreciate and love about each other. Never stop flirting!

Communicate. Even when it’s uncomfortable and uneasy. Take your time to say how you feel. One of the effects of communication is HEALING!


Love, Koco­čĺľ

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