Despite All

Y’all!!!! It’s 2020 in few hours!! 💃🏽💃🏽

I am so geeked for the new year; howbeit, I wasn’t so pumped for it as at yesterday. Reasons best known to me.

Yes? I know you’ve come across tons of blogs that have bestowed several ways, collections of attitudes and demeanor on how to survive the new year. Well, Mine is going to be wholly different.


I GREW IN 2019: Yes i did! Exceptionally as a matter of fact. One thing is to diversify between the Good and the Bad and the other is to abide in the satisfaction of doing the right thing no matter the consequences and push aside the “substandardness” and with full blown confidence I can state for a fact that I walked in that path.

I learnt a lot of lessons from lapse and experiences and turned those lemonades into lemon juice.😄

I Worked On My Relationship With God: Imagine a man laying a foundation for his house and all of a sudden, he lit out. Well, that was basically how my relationship with God looked like. I had my doubts about God. Phases made me question his presence and usefulness. With the help of friends, articles and the body of Christ, I pinched myself back to reality and got a better perspective of who God truly is. Howbeit, I am still in the process of growth towards the Christian faith, I am glad of how far I have come and where I am heading to.

The art of “Keeping Shut”: Not everything that happens with you wether good or bad should be spoken about. Somethings are better left unspoken. I am an open book or rather, I had been an open book so mastering the art of “Keeping Shut” was a hard one.

Now look who is a PRO in the art. ME!

Writing Became My Therapist: Oh Yea!

Blocks of words became my confidant. Expressing my self in orthography and words relieved me fifty percent of my stress. I am super super grateful for it.

I have so many things and persons to be grateful for. I just might run out of words to express my gratification.

Shout out to everyone who prayed for me and with me. Shout to the ones I lost and won this year. Shout out to the ones that contributed to my growth. I wholly appreciate. Special Special shout out to my family❤️, My Partner(D)❤️❤️ and my Best friend (O)❤️❤️. Y’all have been super super amazing.

Thanks to everyone of you for the views, comments, subscriptions, reviews and criticisms. I love y’all so much.



Love, Koco💕

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