Hi guys.How are you all doing?Well, I am good😁Below is a picture of how beautiful I looked today.P.S: I didn’t go out with the Danshiki🙄Thank you. Thank you. I can hear your compliments.🤣🤣.The difficulty that comes with beginning a paragraph Is on another level.🙄But I’ll begin.I am beautiful. I am special. I deserve the finer things in life. My blemishes and flaws are beautiful. I do not have to seek validation from friends, family and foes to become what or who I want to become. I will be what I want to be when God approves it.It’s been one hell of a week. Struggling and fighting to save myself from myself. I became a shadow of who I was disregarding who I am meant to be. I needed my nights to end the minute it began and my mornings to last longer. My mind and thoughts were totally in shambles.I totally wanted to quit writing. I just wanted to exist but not exist.My insecurities became parasitic.Before I go on, if you are close to anybody at the moment, hug that person and tell them how much they matter and how unique they are.I wanted to talk to somebody. I needed to talk to somebody. I needed to unleash my fury and cry till the tears in my eyes dried up. For once! I craved for somebody to understand me in as much as it was difficult to Express myself to anyone.“Envy steals your joy. Human perfection isn’t real. Ignore the picture perfect facades and look at all your blessings instead”.Questions of whys and when became my thing.Not until yesterday night. I had to get on my knees and talk to my father. I had a conversation with him for quite a while. The burden and thoughts were becoming weighty and I was becoming somber.After my prayers, I felt peace. I finally got the tranquility I prayed for. All these while, my solution was right in front of me but I took it lightly and finally ignored it.The point of today’s post is Appreciation, Beauty in your Blemish and Love.God loves you. The fact that he took a day for your creation shows how special and beautiful you are. No one is you and that is your power. Never compare yourself with others because your existence is a blessing already. No one is perfect. I tell you today that everyone of us have scars. Everyone of us has something we are hiding or running from.“Envy is the way to insanity”. Because I haven’t gotten to where I want to be doesn’t mean I won’t get to where I want to be.“The farmer plants the maize seeds at the same time but harvests them at distict times.” God’s plan is for every single one of us to be happy. The fact that your prayers hasn’t been answered doesn’t mean he isn’t listening. He is listening. In fact, he is there with you. All he wants is for you to be patient and he definitely will answer.Love yourself. Loveeeee yourseeeellfff!!!!! Stay sane for yourself! Play selfish once in a while. Glow and smile just like your father.You are in the world for yourself and no other. No matter how much we fall in love and appreciate people, at the end of the day, it is “a” person to the grave. You are leaving the world with just yourself and no other person.So take a day to pamper yourself.Just Grow and mature safely and learn to pick lessons out of phases.I love you all💞Koco💞

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