Appreciate Invisibility

Hello Ladies and Gents. Thank you so much for the extra extra patience as to my late blog posts. I am a big time Procastinator. Yes, I am taking full responsibilities for my slothful ways and I am officially apologising and putting in efforts to wax off the negative attitude.

I appreciate and love y’all exceedingly.

Although everyday is different, Today is one of those days where I have had the time to reflect on my journey and my future. P.S, I do this a lot.

Today, my mind wavered to my circle. By circle, I mean friendship circle. I think this is because of a little conversation I had hours ago.

Truth is, i don’t even have a circle. I just have 2 to 4 friends and a long list of people I have conversations with.

This is my making.

Years back, if you had known me or we have had the opportunity to have a dialogue, you’ll know that my squad was a whole mf’ “hood”. Different personalities with different notions and vibes.

Personally, I think as we begin to grow and mature, life presents us with offers and these offers comes with terms and conditions. Terms and conditions in the sense that in order for us to move on to the next stage, there are people, behaviours and norms we have to eliminate. This isn’t because we want to. For most of us, if we have the opportunity to bargain with life, we would want for life to grant us our choice for us to keep everybody and every attitude.

Like I said, for us to mature and grow, we have to give up o certain behaviours, notions, and individuals.

Different strokes for Different Folks. All of us completely want different things in life. We all have the same goals and visions funny enough. Everyone of us, our goals and visions is to be successful and live a happy life but the process of attaining this notion is what gives life the power to disembed us from a lot of people and choices.

Let me break it down😊.

In a swimming contest, every swimmer’s goal is to get to the end of the pool so, for this to be possible, the swimmer has to choose what stroke/style to use. Swimmer A might want to use the freestyle stroke. Swimmer B might want to use the Breast Stroke. Swimmer C might to use the BackStroke. Swimmer D isn’t left out in his selection of using the butterfly stroke.

Do you see what I am seeing? Swimmer A-D has the objective of finishing the swimming course but each of them selects the different strokes that they think will be faster to hit the “bullseye”.

“FOR GROWTH TO OCCUR, CHANGES HAS TO BE MADE”. I personally think this should be made a law.

All of us need to positively stay true to what we believe in and while we are at it, let us try to stay happy for whoever is going to walk into our lives or out of our lives. Condemnation has to be brought to a halt. We need to respect people’s decisions to move on without us. There’s a reason for growth and there’s a reason you aren’t involved in their process. All we have to do as humans is to be happy for ourselves disregarding the history we might have had with each other.

On our way to maturation, as we dissolve our relationships/friendships with other people, we should learn to appreciate the times they’ve spent with us, be grateful for the lessons they’ve taught us and also respect the bond you shared with the other person. Be happy for them. Pray for their success and achievements.

For some of us who might of dealt with toxic relationships and friendships and out of it now should’nt be left out in this course. Let us be grateful for the memories we have made we that person and see everything that has happened as God’s plan.

I basically was going to write about “Toxicity in Friendships” but it took a different toll and I am excited and grateful for the turnout.

Has this post changed your views?

Do you have questions or criticisms for this post?

The comment box is just below! Send in your reviews, comments, criticisms e.t.c and I’ll be happy to hear them.

Love, Koco💞

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