I have basically lived my whole life trying to satisfy the wants of others, fit into their books. Being the “Potters Clay” essentially.

Along the way, I have sold myself to their desires all in the name of ENTENTE CORDIALE” (FRIENDSHIPS AND RELATIONSHIPS).

In the past, I was entangled in relationships that stripped me of my very being. The realness of my personality. I was forced to cloak myself with what they wanted me to be, how they wanted me to act and things they wanted me to do making me become a shadow of myself.

Furtherance, there was a time in my life I had to deal with a “friend” who subjected me to mental slavery. Everything she asked, I did. Everything she wanted, i gave. She had an image in her head and wanted me to be the human model of that image. She was the potter, I was the clay.

This went on for three years with me waking up to constant migraines. Literally. Until it clicked that I was been sucked from. I mean every part of me experienced the drainage.

Upon this realisation, I detached my remaining parts from the friendship. It’s been one hella of a sweet ride since then.

“Until you let go of all the toxic people in your life,you will never be able to grow into your fullest potential. Let the them go so you can grow”

If they continue to disrespect you and your boundaries, disregards your feelings, and continues to treat you in a harmful way, they need to exit.

If they continue to disregard your contributions to their growth and want to have an input in your life then they are no good for you. “You can’t change someone who doesn’t see an issue in their actions”.

Sometimes, you have to accept the truth and stop wasting time on the wrong people. You just gotta accept that you can’t make someone be who you want them to be.

“Stay Same. Don’t change you for anybody. Be you. The world can wait”

Love, Koco­čĺ×

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