Everybody wants to be an adult. No one recognizes the beauty in being tender.

Everybody wants to be “paired up” disremembering what it feels like to live intentionally for yourself.

Everybody wants to hear the truth but nobody wants to be honest.

Everybody wants to rule the world but nobody wants to be a retainer.

Everybody wants to be heard but nobody wants to listen.

Everybody wants happiness but nobody wants pain.

Everybody wants to do something to help but nobody wants to be the first.

Everybody wants to be a diamond but nobody wants to get cut.

Stand out. Dare to be an apple in the midst of Oranges. Be different. Do what you want to do and not what the world wants to do. Do not aspire to follow trend. Do not aspire to be Normal. Live the kind of life that will never be understandable to others. Be brave. Be bold. Set bounboundaries. Groom yourself. Forgive yourself. Life isn’t full of roses and brownies. Remember that. Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.

Lastly, You deserve a treat for every reproductive step you make.

Have a blessed week.


3 thoughts on ““EVERYBODY JUST WANTS TO”

  1. I already shared before I saw the comment. I think this is so apt and amazing. I smell my sub all over this post. Everyone who wants to live an unconventional life should read this. Dare to be an apple in a world of oranges sounds like something that should be in the Bible! A lot of wisdom in this! Nice one 👍🏼

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